Growing up and seeing people around me doing well or even better with their business than someone with a college degree… I understood early on that’s it’s not about having a college degree.

Especially when we speak about owning your own business.

However not knowing what business to go into, and having my mother pressuring me to go to college I decided to do International Business Management at the University of the Hague. 2 years later I dropped out!

Why did I drop out?

I found out early on that if you want to become successful it’s not really about formal education, but more about self education. The people who I looked up to were mentioning this a lot, and the thing they all mostly had in common is that they all read a lot.

So I decided in my second year of college to focus on reading self help books and biographies.  (see list in photo of what I read)

To a point that self education became a priority over my formal education.

To a point that I decided to start s2s to share what I know and pursue my dream by traveling to the US.

Of course my parents didn’t liked this idea of me giving up college and safety. But I was able to convince them and get their support by being able to monetize s2s to a degree that it made me more money than a regular job, if I would be taking one after graduating.

Today, after 2 years of sacrificing and hard work s2s grew to a platform of over 1 million followers. I managed to turn it into a successful business which makes me over $100k a year; from advertising income only, while being able to travel and meet great people.

Last year alone I have spent 3 months traveling through Spain and Portugal, then one week with my family at Gran Canaria, then another weekend at Las Vegas, a few days at London, and another weekend at Paris, while growing my business from my phone.

Guess what?

I am now for 2 months in Los Angeles to meet some great people and take s2s to the next level.

Do I feel blessed doing all of that at the age of 25 while working from my phone, traveling, and earning an income of more than $100k?

Yes you bet.